As a boy in Maryland, Michael Gavino would walk through the woods, dreaming of all sorts of fanciful stories and often imagining himself as one of the characters. Little did he know that this dreaming would lead to a lifetime of acting, writing, and producing. After leaving Maryland, Michael attended Florida Atlantic University (FAU) where he excelled at academics and played for its NCAA intercollegiate baseball team. After earning his Bachelor and Master of Arts from FAU, Michael pursued his artistic dream by attending the New York Film Academy and studying under several prestigious private teachers, and by beginning his acting, writing, and producing career.

As an actor, Michael has been in over 30 films and has played the lead in 16. He has starred in Detour to Hell, Reaping the Girl, The Devil and the Girl, Etiquette of Dating, The Unknown Hero, Yes You Do, Upside Down Dan, Murder by the Book, Night of the Escorts, I Wish I Was a Fish, Vietnam Worm, Mary's Secret, Tutorial 666, Urban Shootout, Caught Stealin’, Reaping the Girl, and The Encounter.

As a writer, Michael has been quite prolific. His completed works include Angel City, Homer's Hot Air, Sammy Superhero, 20 Spot, The Devil and the Girl, Reaping the Girl, Runnin' from the Beast, The Unknown Hero, Fear the Magic, The Pick Up Principle, Passion for Pat, The Encounter, The Fortune Cookie, Boys Versus the Star, To Love or Not to Love, Confrontation, Upside Down Dan, Grading the Scholar, and Adios. Michael has earned many prestigious honors for his writing, and has been invited to the highly regarded Latino Writer's Lab twice. His script, Reading the Girl, won the Gold Bone Award for best comedy at the Script-2-Screen Film Festival. His script, Angel City, was a semi-finalist in the world-renowned Page International Screenwriting Awards. Another script, Sammy Superhero, was a semi-finalist in the equally highly regarded People's Pilot contest, and his script, Homer's Hot Air, was a finalist in the very prestigious Spec Scriptacular contest.

As a producer, Michael has been equally prolific. He has been co-owner of several production companies, including 4-Um Productions, Cinegroup 6, Michael Gavino Productions, and Movie Machine. He has overseen several projects from inception to completion, including Devil and the Girl, The Unknown Hero, 20 Spot, and Upside Down Dan. He has also been invited into the prestigious Latino Producers Academy. Recently, one of his productions, 20 Spot, was the runner-up in the micro-movie category at the Script-2-Screen Festival.

Michael is proud of all he has accomplished and has a simple formula for success:

Creativity + Perseverance = Happiness

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